Italian Film Review – Nigel’s Top 10 (!) Eurocrime choices…


Mike is INCAPABLE of writing short sentences. Beyond writing for VTSS, his interests include John Saxon, vintage tea sets, charity shop VHS hunting, public transport bunking and disposable German pop records from the 70′s…

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2 Responses

  1. Nigel M says:

    As I posted on facebook:

    Thanks for posting these. I would like to point out that a true top 5 or even 10 is impossible for me and I could have constructed a completely different list. Where is Dangerous Toy for example? Or Big Guns? Violent Rome or Rabid Dogs? The genre is after all one with so many delights. What I instead did was try to make a list of stuff that has an immediate replay value for various reasons. Thus the inclusion of Napoli serenata calibro 9 or Guns of the Bigshots. There are more worthy titles for sure but for I tried to go more for stuff that would work post-pub or even a with a group of friends. For such occasions How To Kill A Judge is unlikely to cut it. Though I did on reflection think that a Eurocrime list could not work without a Damiani. The nearly made it’s for this list were Manhunt, Superbitch and Brothers Til We Die.

    • Mike says:

      Nice. appreciate the afterword on what turned out to be a fairly hefty post – over 1200 words without the need for a single image! Thanks again Nigel :)

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